Former U.S. General Warns: China Is Light Years Ahead Of The U.S. In Space Warfare, And Could Instantly Take Out Our Satellite Infrastructure.

FILE - In this Dec. 4, 2013, file photo, Chinese President Xi Jinping, right, shakes hands with then U.S. Vice President Joe Biden as they pose for photos at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. (AP Photo/Lintao Zhang, Pool, File)

For anyone that continues to underestimate the threat of China, either economically or militarily, listen to the words of General Jack Keane, and what he told Fox Business on Tuesday. 

Essentially, if China ever wanted to completed shut down our entire communication systems, they could.  “The Chinese have developed the No. 1 capability imposed on the United States to take out our entire satellite infrastructure,” Keane said.

“We’re completely dependent on it … for communication, for location, GPS and for the weapons telemetry of our precision-guided ammunitions. So they know that we’re very vulnerable and they are moving quickly into space,” he added.

According to Keane, the space war is currently being won by China, and the U.S. is in scramble mode, trying to catch up. “They’ve got hypersonic missiles that are already deployed. We’re still prototyping ours. These missiles use space and are very difficult to track because of the speed at which they move and they have multiple warheads,” he said.

The person hand picked by President Joe Biden to deal with this issue is Ret. Gen. Lloyd Austin, who Biden has named as his leader of the Department of Defense. At his confirmation hearings last week in the Senate, Austin pointed out that China is without question making major progress in challenging the defense strategy of the U.S.  “China … presents the most significant threat going forward because China is ascending,” Austin told Senators. “Russia is also a threat, but it is in decline.”

One thing you’ll get most sophisticated military experts to agree on is this. Space warfare is the focus of the world’s biggest military powers, and its where future battles will be fought.

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