Going For The Gold In Fraud? Former U.S. Olympic Medalist Faces 40 Years In Prison For COVID-19 Relief Fund Scam. 

It takes talent, dedication, creativity, aggressiveness, and good fortune to become a three-time Olympic athlete.  Unfortunately for Allison Baver, some of those same qualities could help make someone really good at fraud, and she allegedly worked as hard on her criminal exploits as she did her athletic ones.

At least that’s what federal prosecutors believe, and they charged the former speedster with eight counts of fraud, including making a false statement to a bank and one count of money laundering. 

Her bronze medal from the 2010 games isn’t going to be much of a help now, as she faces up to 40-years in prison. 

The Feds say she lied on loan applications to receive $10 million from the Paycheck Protection Program. 

Baver is also a budding filmmaker, and she allegedly funneled some of the money into a movie about serial killer Ted Bundy. 

In one application, she allegedly claimed that her monthly payroll was $4 million, with 105 employees. In other paperwork, she reportedly claimed she had 430 workers. In actuality, the indictment alleges she had zero employees and no payroll. 

If there could be an Olympic sport for gall, she’d be a favorite to win gold. 

The Feds want her to give back $9.7 million of the money. 

The movie she invested in was called “No Man of God” and starred Elijah Wood as Bundy. 

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