Forget the Game, What’s Up With Your Pants? Dodgers Pitcher Caught In a Tight Situation

Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Walker Buehler throws against the Atlanta Braves during the first inning in Game 1 of a baseball National League Championship Series Monday, Oct. 12, 2020, in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

There are a lot of superstitious ‘old-school rules’ in Major League Baseball, like ‘don’t steal third base when your team has a big lead late in the game,’ or the capital of offense, ‘don’t admire your home run after you hit it.’

Some rules are more generally accepted and not necessarily learned, like “make sure your pants fit.” Dodgers pitcher Walker Bueller suffered some sort of wardrobe malfunction in Game One of the NLCS Monday night. His pants were too tight, too short and way too distracting for a lot of people watching the game, and the subject ended up trending on social media.

Buehler’s pitching was ok. Although the Atlanta Braves bested the Dodgers 5-1, Buehler had seven strikeouts and only gave up one run. He had to have been more than a little distracted, wearing pants that looked like they were painted on. When the topic came up in the postgame press conference, Buehler wasn’t close-lipped on the subject of his too-tight pants.  “Not the time, nor the place” he said as he walked off, ending the interview before it started.

The fact the Dodgers lost this game stinks, because nobody was in the mood to say what really happened afterward. The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York hasn’t issued a formal statement yet, but perhaps they will request the too-tight pants for their permanent collection.

Buehler is a good pitcher and a humble young man who puts his pants on one leg at a time. It just takes four guys to help him squeeze into them. 

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