Fight Of The Century? Not Really, But Logan Paul And Floyd Mayweather Put On A Good Show.

Logan Paul, left, and Floyd Mayweather fight during an exhibition boxing match at Hard Rock Stadium, Sunday, June 6, 2021, in Miami Gardens, Fla. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

Two champion level self-promoters and marketing geniuses entered the boxing ring at Hark Rock Stadium in Miami Sunday and put on a show that ended up making both fighters even more rich than when they started the night. 

The matchup in paper looked like a joke. Floyd “Money” Mayweather, quite possibly the greatest pound for pound boxer in history who has never lost a professional fight, against internet sensation and pop culture icon Logan Paul, who had never won a professional fight. 

The wildcard was age and size. Logan Paul is 18 years younger and 25 pounds heavier, plus he was prepared, and survived all eight rounds, and will have all his faculties in order to count the $20 or $30 million he made for this exhibition. 

Mayweather fought his usual, calculated fight. Never opening himself up to take a punch that could make him look stupid or knock him out. 

There was no winner because it was an exhibition, but the two fighters put on an entertaining show and there’s no question it will lead to something potentially bigger. As in Jake Paul vs Floyd Mayweather. 

Mayweather was probably surprised his taller opponent made it through eight rounds, and he gave the Youtube star some props after the fight. 

“He’s better than I thought he was….I was surprised by him tonight. Good work. Good little guy.”

The fight was promote by Mayweather Promotions, and Mayweather said he was going to make north of $100 million for being part of the fight. 

ESPN had their boxing experts score the fight, and gave it to Mayweather 78-74.  He scored with 43 total punches, compared to Paul’s 28. 

Stay tuned for the rematch, sequel, or whatever it is you want to call it. With this much easy money at stake, we’ll see some variation of this again. 

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