Florida To The Rescue? The Home Of The NBA Bubble, Super Bowl, And College Football Playoff Championship Offers To Save The Olympics, And Have Them Move From Tokyo This Summer.

Florida is not like the rest of the country.  The citizens do not live in constant fear of contracting the coronavirus, and the leaders of the state have not imposed ridiculous orders for people to stay in their houses, resulting in the collapse of the economy and loss of a full year of quality learning for school kids.

If you’ve been to parts of Florida lately, you’d see restaurants filled to capacity, lines to get into bars, and nightclubs jam packed with revelers.  It’s literally a different world.

Florida has also embraced sports during the pandemic. They were the sight of the NBA bubble that worked to perfection in Orlando. The UFC setup a bubble in Jacksonville, and Tampa will host the Super Bowl on February 7, complete with over 22,000 fans in the stands.

A report leaked last week that said the Japanese government had privately concluded they would not be able to host the Summer Olympics because of a spike in COVID-19 cases.

When that news reached Florida, the state pounced on it. Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis sent an open letter to the Olympic Committee, essentially saying the state is willing and able to welcome the Olympics to their state.

On Tuesday, Peter Doocy of Fox News asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki about the Olympic bid. She told Doocy he’d be better served to get a comment form the U.S. Olympic Committee or the IOC.

Would it be humanly possible to literally move the world’s biggest sporting event across the globe in just a few months? No, but it does show the spirit and ambitions of people in Florida, and their desire to thrive during the pandemic and not simply survive.

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