“Oh, I Can’t Expense This?” Swiss Ex “Banker Of The Year” On Trial For Allegedly Dropping $217,000 At Strip Clubs On His Company Credit Card.

65-Year Old Swiss Banker Pierin Vincenz was once named the “banker of the year” in Switzerland, and I’m guessing the group that handed him that award are hoping they could somehow take it back. 

According to The Sunday Times, Vincenz is accused of going on a 20-year bender, essentially using his company credit card run roughshod up and down the red-light zones of Switzerland. 

He’s on trial for fraud, and prosecutors say he tried to expense over $537,000 to his company credit card.  Of that half a million, $217,675 was used for strip clubs and burlesque bars. 

That is some serious alleged freaky behavior. Or, according to Vincenz, he paints it more like a simple misunderstanding, telling the judge in his trial this.

“With regard to my visits to bars and nightclubs, I fully stand by my assertion that these were justified by business.”

He also claimed that duty called, and he would have to go to these bars and clubs to “network with entrepreneurs and business managers.”

The forensic deep dive into his spending shows he once spent $753 on dinner and drinks for a date he met on Tinder.  He told the judge it was all good; he was thinking of hiring her for a real estate job. 

He is accused of dropping about $30K on a private jet to take a cooking class on the Spanish island of Mallorca.  It must have been one hell of a cooking class. 

He did admit in court to making some “mistakes” over the years.  He may have been referring to the $5,000 he put on the company card to repair a hotel room that was trashed when things got out of hand with a stripper. 

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