Elon Musk Puts Final Cali House On Market. The Tesla Tech Titan Listed His Bay Area Estate For $37.5 Million!

Elon Musk sold all of his Southern California real estate in the past year as he transitioned his life to Austin, Texas, and now he’s put his final Golden State home on the market, a secluded, 47-acre estate located just south of San Francisco. 

This was the one he was hoping to sell to a nice family, and according to the property listing that nice family is also going to have to be rich. 

It’s officially on the market for $37.5 million, and Musk is going to have an even better ROI when it sells because he’s doing the transaction himself. The listing instructs all interested parties to “contact the owner.”

Musk prefers not to be bothered by the mundane tasks of overseeing a huge real estate portfolio, because he’s spending his tome focusing on “multi-planetary” life. Seriously, there’s going to be a point in Musk’s lifetime he hopes where a modern Jetsetter is bopping between planets. 

Musk has tried and failed at selling his Bay Area house once before. In May of 2020 he listed it for $35 million but got no takers, so he pulled the listing in November. 

Musk purchased it four years ago for $23.4 million. At one point this home had been listed for $100 million before Musk snatched it up. 

The mansion is pretty sick. It boasts incredible views of the San Francisco Bay, a banquet room, a ballroom and a professional kitchen.  This is the home Musk used to host Tesla corporate events. 

Whoever the new owners are, the first thing they should do is check in every cushion of every couch to see if there’s any Dogecoin lying around.

Here’s the listing for the house on Zillow.

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