It Pays To Be Mean! As Ellen DeGeneres Exits Talk Show World, Where Does She Stack Up In Career Earnings To Other TV Hosts?

Ellen DeGeneres built her brand and accumulated a fortune based on a “nice” persona that proved to be as legit and accurate as a box of Twinkies marketing itself as “health food.” The 2019 scandal that shed the light on what you would call a “less flattering” portrait of the comedian and talk-show host basically put her daytime, multi-Emmy winning show on life support.  Now the end is officially near. The dancing stops at the end of her upcoming 19th season.  But she’s exiting stage right in a Brinks truck. Even if Ellen was a rude ego maniac for 23 hours a day, that one hour in front of the camera made her rich.  How rich? Take a look at how she measures up with the other legendary and high-paid TV talkers…

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