Easy Rider: Joe Biden’s Peloton Could Be A National Security Risk.

President-elect Joe Biden bikes with his wife Jill at Cape Henlopen State Park on Saturday, Nov. 14, 2020, in Lewes, Del. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Here’s something that would have to be considered a “little known fact.” Joe Biden exercises. Not only does the 78-year old (who recently broke his foot playing with his dog) work out, he actually owns a Peloton stationary bike, but there’s a chance he might have to leave it in Delaware and not take it to the White House with him next week.

Secret Service agents are going to have to decide if Biden’s Peloton is worth the potential security threat it presents. Because the bike is connected to the internet and has a live microphone and camera, there is a legitimate risk that it could be hacked.

Imagine how embarrassing that would be. Our national security becomes compromised because the President insisted he receive live, personal, instruction from a Peloton instructor as he feels the burn on a fictional bike course.

Peloton has been riding a pandemic high since March of 2020. Their market value has ballooned to $46.2 billion, as share prices have more than quintupled over the past year.

Biden wouldn’t be the first resident of the White House with a Peloton.  Michelle Obama had one too, and Secret Service did take off the mic and camera for her.

With all the potential things that could easily go wrong, maybe water aerobics would be a more age appropriate, and risk averse choice for the future President. 

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