Drew Brees Has Gotten Himself Into A Bit Of A Pickle. After Failing As A Football Broadcaster, He Buys Into A Professional Pickleball Team.

Drew Brees’s post-playing career has not gone how he probably planned.  He learned the hard way that he was an inept broadcaster for NBC, and they fired him after one season in the booth and studio.  That’s a tough pill to swallow for one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, so after dusting himself off and returning all the extra pancake makeup he stockpiled, Brees has re-invented himself again. 

As a co-owner of the Mad Drops Pickleball team. Yeah, it’s a professional pickleball team based in Austin.  

Okay, that’s not as sexy as the next phase in the career of a Troy Aikman, Tony Romo, or Peyton Manning, but I guess pickleball is a thing these days. And Brees isn’t the only marginally big name that has gotten in on the ownership craze. 

Jim Buss, son of Lakers legendary owner Jerry Buss and estranged brother of current Lakers’ Managing Partner Jeanie Buss, is also on the ownership team.  Marc Larry, the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, has a piece of it too. 

So, if nothing else, Brees could probably get good seats to watch a Bucks game next season. 

Wait, Brees apparently is as serious about this as he was picking apart the Carolina Panther’s defense back in the day.  Here’s part of what he said after it was announced he’s a Pickleball team co-owner. 

“I am an avid pickleball player, fan, and student of the game. The opportunity to be a part of the ownership group of the Mad Drops PC is something I’m extremely excited about, and I look forward to helping raise awareness around the incredible players and competitions in MLP, helping grow the sport of pickleball and fostering overall fan engagement.”

There he goes again, making history.  Brees is the first respected former athlete to admit publicly that he loves Pickleball and actually studies it.

How the mighty have fallen. 

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