Dreams Do Come True! An Unknown, Seldom-Used Player Wins World Series Game In Epic Fashion

Tampa Bay Rays' Brett Phillips (14) celebrates after getting the game winning hit against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 4 of the baseball World Series Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020, in Arlington, Texas. Rays defeated the Dodgers 8-7 to tie the series 2-2 games. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)


The Most Unlikely Hero! Unknown, Seldom-Used Player Wins World Series Game

You know those dreams kids have growing up? Like the one where they come out of nowhere to become a hero in the World Series? The details differ, depending on who is doing the dreaming, but with the whole world watching, you single-handedly win the World Series in the ninth inning with two outs, get mobbed by your teammates, become an icon in your city, and never have to pay for a beer for the rest of your life. (Scratch that last part of the kids’ dream. That would be an addendum for all the adults who still have these dreams.)

The bottom line is this: These dreams actually DO come true. We saw the latest installment of a fairy-tale ending Saturday night in Game 4 of the World Series.

The Los Angeles Dodgers were leading the Tampa Bay Rays 7-6, with two outs in the bottom of the ninth. Up to the plate strolls Brett Phillips. As all of America went to their phones to Google his name to find out who he is, Kenley Jansen, the Dodgers’ closer, got two strikes on Phillips and the game appeared to be about to be over. It was. Keep in mind, this was Phillips’ first at-bat in the entire World Series. He’s usually a defensive replacement, meaning the team has very little faith in his bat. But Phillips came through in epic fashion and provided one of the most dramatic and unlikely endings to a game in World Series history.

He laced a single to center, and the Dodgers kicked the ball around in a comedy of errors, allowing two runs to score. The Rays won the game 8-7, they tied the series at two wins apiece, and as for Phillips? He’s done buying beer in Tampa forever!

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