Drama On The Catwalk! Details Emerge In Lawsuit Featuring a Super Model, Fashion Icon, TV Network, Olympian And Killer.

Anastassia Khozissova is no ordinary model. She is a supermodel. So when she files a lawsuit, it is no ordinary suit, it’s a super suit.

Khozissova hit Ralph Lauren Corp. and HBO with a whopping $20 million lawsuit in New York Supreme Court for unauthorized use of her photos, the New York Post reported.

The 41-year-old Russian model was approached by Ralph Lauren, the 81-year-old fashion icon, in 2004 to be an integral part of his collections, including the book “Diary of a Collection.”

By 2014, Khozissova alleges that she discovered “an elaborate fraud scheme within Ralph Lauren Corp.” and that the revelation led to her dismissal. Because of that, she claims in the lawsuit to have “suffered severely, including loss of sleep, lack of ambition, and a severe career crisis,” the Post reported.

The fractured relationship has not stopped Ralph Lauren from using the model who made her modeling debut on an Armani runway at age 20.

Khozissova was featured in the documentary “Very Ralph” on HBO, which is also listed as a defendant in the suit. Her photographs are displayed at the Ralph Lauren store in Moscow and the Polo Bar 1 in New York City.

She is claiming that she was not compensated for using her likeness and that the photographs and film were used without her consent.

Hasn’t there been enough drama in Khozissova’s life? She is the ex-girlfriend of Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorious, the “Blade Runner” who was convicted of culpable homicide for another model’s death a year after dating Khozissova.


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