Drake’s Million Dollar Wager Adds To The Record $7.61 Billion Expected To Be Spent On Super Bowl.

A fun fact about Drake; at his home in Toronto, he has a particular closet filled with luxury handbags, including Hermes Birkin bags, Louis Vuitton, Chanel. You name it. He keeps it there as gifts for his dates. 

So, it’s clear he has money to burn, which he proved again by betting over $1 million on the Super Bowl. 

Screenshots of betting slips show he put down $500K on the Rams winning the game outright. He also is VERY confident in his buddy Odell Beckham Jr. and believes OBJ will have at least 62.5 yards and a touchdown Sunday. 

How confident? He bet almost $800,000 that the Rams receiver would come through for him. 

So, Drake brings home over $2 million if both bets come through, which is a hell of a lot more than the players in the game.  The winning team gets $150,000 per player, and the losers will pocket $75K each. 

Drake’s wagers only add to the amount of money expected to be bet on the Super Bowl.  The American Gaming Association says a total of $7.61 billion will be laid down legally, illegally, or through the squares game your running in your living room on Sunday. 

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