Drake Scores! The Rap Star Gives His Canadian Rec Team Championship Teammates A Taste Of What Livin’ Large Is All About!

Well, it looks like we have found the epitome of what it means to be a “baller.”

Forget about Air Drake. That would be Drake’s tricked out $185 million personal private jet that just happens to be a tricked out Boeing 767.

Disregard the State Farm Insurance commercials he stars in as the body double for “Jake from State Farm.”

The 4 Grammy’s and 27 Billboard Music Awards are cool, but pale in comparison to his latest move.

Drake played on a rec league basketball team in Canada, and if you know anything about Drake, you are aware he’s got some game, so his team won the rec league championship. 

For most people, winning a rec league title means the team gathers at a local bar for a round of beers after the title-clinching win.  

Drake had a different way to celebrate his team’s “championship.”

He called his good friend Jason of Beverly Hills. You know, the world-renowned, preeminent designer of NBA championship rings. Jason designed the Los Angeles Lakers’ opulent championship rings after they won the 2020 NBA title.  He created the Miami Heat championship rings, the Raptors’ ring from two seasons ago, along with all three of the Golden State Warriors championship rings. Oh, he crafted the engagement ring for Dwayne Wade’s wife Gabrielle Union. 

Drake commissioned Jason of Beverly Hills to come up with hand-crafted, custom rings for each of his rec league  teammates to commemorate their win. 

It’s safe to say Drake’s teammates had to take out a rider on their home owners insurance policy because the rings Jason created are beyond epic. Each ring features a solid gold base and has 20 carats of flawless diamonds. On top of the ring is the name of Drake’s team, NTIG, and on the side of the ring is the name of each individual player. 

Here’s what Jason of Beverly Hills ( Jason Arasheben)  said about one of his best clients. 

“Drake had a clear vision of what he wanted and we worked really well together to make that happen. I enjoy the challenge of telling the story of the season and incorporating everything into the design and onto a ring, while still using as many diamonds as possible.”

All in, the cost of each ring was $50,000. 

Did Drake have a home court advantage in this league? You could say that, since all the games were played on his regulation size professional-grade court that is on the grounds of his Toronto estate. 

It’s an epic, baller move. It wouldn’t be shocking to see some college hoops phenom in the future pass on the NBA and go straight to Drake’s league knowing a pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow if they win the championship.

(Click here to check out the story of the championship rings designed by Jason of Beverly Hills)

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