Double Standard Operating Procedure! Ivanka Trump Blasts Mainstream Media For Flat Out Ignoring Antifa Violence In Washington.

The media silence following Antifa and Black Lives Matters attacks on Trump supporters over the weekend in Washington D.C. has drawn plenty of attention from conservatives around the country, and count Ivanka Trump among those tired of the double standard.

Ivanka tweeted “The media’s near total silence about the physical violence being perpetrated against conservatives is shameful & dangerous. Just image the outrage and indignation if this went the other way. Violence is never the answer and instigators must be condemned and prosecuted.”

Following the MAGA rally and march in Washington D.C. on Saturday, social media was flooded with videos of Trump supporters being attacked as they walked through the streets of the nation’s capital.

Donald Trump Jr. echoed his sister’s remarks, tweeting “The media’s silence on the violence against Trump supporters is deafening. After four years of calling them Nazis, at this point they might as well just dox them all or add them to AOC’s lists for the Gulags. They are complicit in the violence. They are the worst of the worst.”

Don Jr. also responded to a tweet by NBC News PR that quoted “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd, saying “We invited every single Republican senator to appear here on @MeetThePress this morning. They all declined.” To which Don Jr responded “Why would they bother? Your bias is insane & has been for years but not calling out the violence happening in the streets of DC against peaceful Conservatives is the final straw. Unlike the ‘peaceful’ rioters/arsonists you defended for months, these people were totally innocent!”

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have also failed to condemn the violent attacks, which seems to go against their message of unity and “time to heal America.” message.

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