Don’t Due It! Amazon Is Fighting One Of Their Factory’s Attempt To Unionize.

Amazon wold prefer that their employees not unionize. The nations’s second-largest private employer has reportedly trained managers to spot activity that looks like union organizing so they can nip it in the bud, but there’s something brewing in Alabama that must have top execs a little worried. has filed a motion with the US. National Labor Relations Board, asking them to halt the union election at Amazon’s warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama.  The deflection is scheduled to start two weeks from Monday, on February 8.

If it takes place, this would be Amazon’s first union election in seven years.  Ballots were scheduled to be mailed out in early February, and then vote counting to see if it passed would commence on March 30.

In their filing, Amazon has alleged there are numerous gap in labor board precedent as being one reason they want to stop the vote.  They also cite errors made by the acting regional director, and missed opportunities for mail-ballot improvements.  Amazon wants the vote do be done in person, not by mail in ballot.

There are 6,000 warehouse workers in this Alabama warehouse that will be voting on whether to unionize with the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union. Amazon has created a website for the workers in Alabama where the company advertises their position on the union drive. They are encouraging their workers to set it up without dues.

“We’ve got you covered with high wages, health care, vision, and dental benefits, as well as a safety committee and appeals process,” the website says according to the Washington Post. “There’s so much MORE you can do for your career and your family without paying dues.”

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