Trump Unplugged! The Former President Unleashes On Biden, Cancel Culture, The Border Situation, And His Thoughts On Running Again In Interview That Facebook Took Down.

President Donald Trump, left, embraces his daughter-in-law Lara Trump, right, who introduced him at a Republican fundraiser at the Carmel Country Club in in Charlotte, N.C., Friday, Aug. 31, 2018. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Say this about former President Donald Trump whether you like him or can’t stand him; he’s always, always entertaining. 

Tuesday he did his first interview since he left the White House. The reporter who got the scoop was his daughter-in-law Lara Trump, Eric’s wife, and there was enough juicy material to emerge from the interview to keep show producers at MSNBC, Fox News and CNN salivating for weeks. 

First of all, in a move that was not surprising, Facebook took the interview down. They scrubbed it clean from their sight, announcing that any content “in the voice of Donald Trump” would not be allowed on the platform. 

Lara Trump posted the 18 minute interview on her Facebook page.  Prior to its removal, she said she received an email from Facebook, informing her of their impending action. 

“We are reaching out to let you know that we removed content from Lara Trump’s Facebook Page that featured President Trump speaking. In line with the block we placed on Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, further content posted in the voice of Donald Trump will be removed and result in additional limitations on the accounts,” the email said.

Okay, so there must have been some pretty salacious and juicy content in the interview, based on that reaction from Mark Zuckerberg’s camp, right? 

Yeah, it was pure, unfiltered Trump. 

Trump on the border situation: “Look at our borders, look what’s happening. We had the best southern border that we’ve ever had and in one day he (Biden) said, ‘Everybody come up,’ and and what’s going on now is nothing compared to what’s going to take place during the summer.”

Trump on the “woke left” and the mob mentality in the U.S.   “Can you imagine China looking at us and they’re talking about Dr Seuss and that was like the big thing of the day – but it’s gone beyond Dr Seuss, they want to take down monuments to heroes, they want to obliterate our history. Whether it is good or bad you learn from it, you have to learn from history and some is bad and some is good. I would say most of it’s good.”

But they want to obliterate our past and what you have is you don’t have much of a country left.

I think China is very happy now and I think that Russia and a lot of other countries are very happy. They look at what is going on and they don’t believe it.”

Trump on starting a new social media platform: “Twitter has gotten very boring, a lot of people are leaving Twitter.

So I think there’s room for something and I bring a lot of people with me, so we’ll see.”

Trump on Joe Biden’s Presidency:  “The things that [Biden] said – and whether we debate it or whether he just made statements – all of those things are not what he’s doing.

[The agenda] is more liberal, more radical than Bernie Sanders ever had in mind. Bernie could not be happier, but this is something Bernie would have never suggested, he never talked about what he’s doing to destroy energy and the second amendment.  All of things that he’s doing – raise taxes to the biggest levels in history – those were not things that were discussed at all during the election.”

Trump on running for President in 2024: “You do have hope, that I can tell you, you do have hope. We love our country, this country, we all owe a lot to our country, but now we have to help our country.”

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