Disney is going to kick Netflix’s butt

Photo copyright: The Walt Disney Company – Investor Day 2020 Presentation

Yesterday after trading closed The Walt Disney Company held its 2020 Investors Day and presented the roadmap for the future.

Disney reported having 137 million paid subscriptions worldwide including, 11.5 million ESPN+ subscribers, 38.8 million Hulu subscribers, and a staggering 86.8 million Disney+ subscribers since its launch in November 2019. It scattered the company’s guidance set at its 2019 Investors Day for investors of 60 to 90 million Disney+ paid subscribers by the end of FY 2024.

Disney presented its diversified strategy across the globe by also launching Star, Star+, and Disney+ Hotstar outside the US. Star offers general-purpose entertainment like Hulu inside Disney+ with additional local content. Star+ in south-America for sports and adding Disney+ to its existing Hotstar streaming service in India.

Disney also unveiled over 100 different titles of films and series from strong franchises as Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, FX, Hulu Originals, Pixar, and national geographic. More than 80% of the titels are exclusively for their streaming service.

Disney with its strong brands, big production pipelines, and enough cash to stay in the game is going to kick Netflix butt. Netflix with its 195 million global subscribers is feeling the head with Disney wanting to reach between 300 to 350 million paid subscribers across its platforms and spending between 9 and 14 billion dollars on content production by the end of FY 2024.

The day after its presentation, the financial markets are betting big on Disney. Disney stock increased by more than 10% at the start of trading.

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