NFL Star Hit With Six More Lawsuits Monday. That Makes A Total Of 13 Filed Against The Houston Texans Quarterback, All On Behalf Of Houston Area Massage Therapists.

Prior to earlier this month, Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson had a pristine reputation.  

He was one of the true up-and-coming stars in the NFL, racking up big passing numbers with the Texans after winning a national championship in college while playing QB for Clemson. 

But a series of lawsuits have been filed by a Houston attorney against Watson, 13 in total, that allege a pattern of inappropriate contact and in some cases sexual assault. 

All of them have been filed on behalf of massage therapists in the Houston area. 

Attorney Tony Buzbee filed six more lawsuits against Watson just on Monday, and said that he would submit affidavits and evidence from multiple women to the Houston Police Department and the district attorney’s office in Houston. 

One of the lawsuits filed Monday alleges that earlier in March of this year, Watson assaulted a massage therapist by “touching her with his penis and exposing himself.”

Another centers around a couple massage sessions last summer that allege Watson harassed a woman by “grabbing Plaintiff’s buttocks and vagina, touching her with his penis and trying to force her to perform oral sex on him.”

When the first lawsuit by Buzbee was filed, Watson denied all wrongdoing. His attorney Rusty Hardin said on Friday that the allegations made against Watson are meritless. 

As for the NFL, they say they are monitoring and reviewing the situation. 

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