Dancing With the Emotional Scars

FILE - In this Saturday, Nov. 8, 1997 file photo, actress Ellen DeGeneres, left, and her companion, Anne Heche, leave the Human Rights Campaign national dinner in Washington after DeGeneres received her civil rights award. President Clinton spoke earlier at the dinner, before the nation's largest lesbian and male homosexual group--the first president to appear before such an audience. (AP Photo/Brian K. Diggs)

There was drama, excitement, tears and anger on “Dancing with the Stars” this week. And that was just because judge Bruno Tonioli couldn’t decide what to wear.

The real mini-crisis that people were talking about was Anne Heche storming off the stage after being eliminated. She was so angry she refused to talk to the press, and do you know how difficult it is for a C-list star to turn down publicity?

Viewers of the ABC show speculated whether it had something to do with Heche opening up about her romance years ago with Ellen DeGeneres. Before the dance that got her eliminated, a paso doble that was set to the Katy Perry song “Rise,” right before she began to move and groove, she talked to the hosts about the scrutiny she faced for dating DeGeneres so publicly.

“It did feel good to tell my story to show that we have come a long way, and we see things with more acceptance now,” Heche exclusively told Page Six. “Even though we are not all the way there yet, it’s important to recognize how far we have come.”

They dated from 1997 to 2000, and Heche said “it changed my life forever.” In fact, Heche alluded to the fact that she was essentially blackballed in Hollywood because of that relationship.

So couple that emotion with tight-fitting clothes, bright lights and a massive screwup by Tyra Banks at the end of the show, and it’s understandable that Heche lost it.


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