Dana White Is Really Good At Blackjack. He’s Taken Millions From Vegas Casinos And Is Permanently Banned By One.

UFC president Dana White doesn’t need to use his blackjack talent to earn money; he’s worth roughly $500 million already.

But White claims he’s good enough to have been banned by the Palms Casino. 

“When the Palms was owned by the Maloofs, I had beat them for $1.6 million,” White said in a story on talkSPORT.

“Then as soon as the Palms was sold, the people who came in asked me to stop playing there. Las Vegas is all about losing, not winning. They don’t like people who f**king win!

“Then it (the casino) sold again and the new ownership said we want you to come back. And I beat them for $1.6 million again. Instead of just asking me to leave, they gave me (a title belt).

The talkSPORT story recalled White’s comments in a UFC Embedded series from 2014.

“This is like my part-time job,” White said. “I work in the UFC all day and play cards at night.”

TalkSPORT reported a world-title belt backed up his version of the events.

It is engraved: “Palms undisputed blackjack champion: Dana White,” and the top of the belt is emblazoned with “$1.6 million prize money.” 

White, 51, didn’t appear to be upset that he had been banned.

“It says ‘Undisputed blackjack champion, 24-0.’ This is a cool way to say get the f**k out of our casino and don’t come back,” he said.

Podcast host Joe Rogan said White once won $7 million in one night – and has lost seven figures on a few occasions as well. 

In 2016, White and partners sold a majority stake in the UFC for north of $4 billion, though White remained as president (collecting a reported eight-figure salary).

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