Dad Refuses to Wear Mask to HS Football Game – So They Cancelled It

Idaho is a state that allows high school kids to play football games – just not always full ones.

The Friday night lights were shut off prematurely this past weekend when a player’s parent refused to wear a mask and was asked to leave the parking lot, which is assumedly more than 6 feet from the sidelines, the bleachers and the sno-cone stand.

Ammon Bundy, whose son plays for the Emmett High School Huskies, is known for protesting coronavirus regulations in his western Idaho area, but this was a night to revel in the best game of the season by his son’s team. Instead, with Emmett holding a 35-0 halftime lead at Caldwell, Bundy and the Husky faithful took the 25-mile ride home early.

Caldwell school officials told Bundy to leave the stands for not following mask rules amid a limited crowd and then approached him in the parking lot because he had been asked to move to a neighboring park. Caldwell police were called to the scene, and the game was called off with the teams in the locker room when anonymous calls of violent threats were made to police.

“When are you going to stand for freedom, coach?” Bundy said on a video he posted Friday night as he talked to Emmett coaches through a chain-link fence. “When are you going to do it? Is it worth a football game? Yes, it is worth it.”

Caldwell won the debate, but not the game. The athletic directors agreed to let the score stand as the final, but that is not the end of the matter. Bundy told NBC News he would do the same at future road games.

That might make for a bigger “Whoa, Bundy” moment than the four-touchdown high school game from his TV namesake, Al Bundy from “Married with Children.”


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