Unmask Yourselves America. You Can Show Your Face In Big Retailers Again. 

Seems like the big box retailers have come to the same conclusion that the CDC came up with almost a week ago, and states like Texas and Mississippi discovered months ago. 

It’s okay to not wear a mask if you are vaccinated. 

Seems like common sense, but as it’s seemed on multiple occasions the past 14 months commons sense left when the pandemic started. 

Target is cutting edge when it comes to over-the-top safety, and even they are joining the growing list of stores that aren’t requiring shoppers to wear a mask. 

Also on the list are CVS and Starbucks. 

Now keep in mind the following, the reversal of policy is effective immediately, so if you are grabbing a late night latte or early morning prescription, you will not be accosted by store personnel for the first time in over a year for not wearing a mask. 

But, if you live in a state or city that still requires masks, you have to abide by their rules, and that includes masks in some major metropolitan areas. 

As for employees of CVS and Starbucks, they still are required to wear masks, while Target employees are “strongly recommended” to cover up if they haven’t been vaccinated. 

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