Crowd At Trump Rally Heckles Someone 3,000 Miles Away,,, LeBron James.

LeBron James’ decision to go all-in politically with his far left stance has consequences; he’s lost a lot of fans. Today in Pennsylvania, President Trump held a rally on the final day of campaigning, and somehow, some way, the topic turned to LeBron, and the NBA ratings that completely tanked during the finals.

“I felt badly for LeBron,” the President said. “Down 71%. And that’s for the championship. I didn’t watch one shot. I get bored.”
That was all the fuel his supporters needed to take the LeBron heckling next-level. The large and boisterous crowd jumped in and started a loud and unified chant of “LeBron James sucks.”
The President was right about the TV ratings. Regular season college football games draw bigger audiences than the NBA Finals on ABC. 
It’s doubtful LeBron cares about being heckled by the President, as they’ve engaged in a bit of a verbal battle for months. One of them will get the last laugh this week though. And more than likely remind the other of it.
When Michael Jordan was ruling the NBA in the 1990’s, he famously avoided at all costs any affiliation with a political party, and took heat for it at times. His reasoning? “Republicans buy shoes too.”

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