Technlogy Giveth And Taketh. Crooks Using AirTags To Steal Fancy Cars.

Just when a company comes out with something cool to make your life easier, crooks and thieves figure out a way to use that same gadgetry to make your life miserable; the latest example is Apple AirTags. 

Back in April, Apple released AirTags and promoted them as handy devices for owners to tag and track their belongings in case they couldn’t find them. A Bluetooth signal connects whatever the Tag is connected to withApple’s “Find My” network.  Apple rightfully assumed people would find this handy to make sure you can track keys, luggage, or laptop computers. 

This new invention has become very convenient for thieves too, who place the AirTags in hidden spots on luxury vehicles, then track those vehicles before stealing them. 

Police in Canada have warned the public about this and said that since September, they’d investigated five incidents in which this has happened. 

The cops in York, where these crimes have occurred, have told people who own expensive luxury vehicles to “inspect your vehicle regularly and call the police if you notice any suspicious potential tracking devices.”

If you are worried about this happening to a vehicle you own, some other things you can do to lessen the odds of it happening are parking in locked garages, using steering wheel locks, and installing locks on your car data ports. 

The York Police had this one final bit of advice to prevent something like this. 

“Consider purchasing a quality video surveillance system. Ensure cameras are properly placed and functioning for day and night time use. Familiarize yourself with the system so it can be reviewed and accessed easily.”

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