Scoreboard! It’s Hard To Argue The Fact Ronaldo Is The World’s Biggest Star When You Look At Instagram Follower Data.

It’s been an interesting and exciting week for Cristiano Ronaldo.  The world’s most popular and recognized sports star might have taken over a new impressive title: the overall King of Pop Culture. 

That’s not subjective, there’s some data to back it up. 

Instagram followers. Ronaldo crossed an impressive barrier this week, becoming the first person on the planet to hit the 300 million follower mark, leaving in his dust some pretty big and impressive names. 

The Rock is jealous, no doubt, because he’s number two at 246 million. 

The top five is rounded out by Ariana Grande with 244 million followers, Kylie Jenner with 241 million, and Selena Gomez with 238. 

There’s another soccer player in the top 10, Leo Messi sits at 218 million, and the most impressive aspect of the top 10 is there are three people from the same family.  The aforementioned Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian at number six with 229 million followers, and Kendall Jenner at 170 million. 

Another thing that separates Ronaldo from the rest of the pack is his one word declaration for water at a press conference this week that caused Coca-Cola’s market cap to plummet $4 billion. 

And he’s got a sick private jet, which we’ll showcase on VTPost coming in the next couple days. 

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