“Why Is There A Brown M&M In My Candy Bowl?” The Craziest, And Most Over-The-Top Demands Celebrities Have Made In The Riders To Their Performance Contracts. 

You know how you could turn the rock group Van Halen into raging psychopaths and throw them off their game so dramatically that they would forget how to play a guitar?   Not remove all the brown pieces in their bowl of M&M’s.  They were on tour back in 1982, and David Lee Roth and company had it written into their rider that no brown M&M’s could be included in their dressing rooms.   Were they being narcissistic pains in the butt? Of course, but according to the group there was a tiny shred of method to their over-the-top madness. The way they explained it, is if the promoters weren’t paying attention to little things, like M&M’s, then how could they be trusted with more important matters like lighting, sound equipment and stocking the bar with the correct booze? There are no limits to what major celebrities ask for, and receive, when they are performing.  Here’s a look at some of the craziest request/demands…

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