Cops In Colorado Pull Over A Car And Make An Astonishing Discovery. Enough Fentanyl To Kill 25 Million People.

Courtesy Colorado State Patrol.

The Colorado State Patrol made an incredible discovery outside Denver on I-70 this week when they pulled a car over. They didn’t say why they made the stop or give up the name of the person driving. 

Why? Because his life is probably in danger. 

The car was carrying 114 pounds of pure fentanyl. That’s enough of this potent drug to kill 25 million people, and the cops had to dig down below the passenger ad driver seats and reach into a trap door to pull out the 48 bricks that contained a kilo of fentanyl in each. 

Fox News reported that it was the biggest seizure of pure fentanyl powder ever made on a U.S. highway, and there’s no telling how many lives were saved because of it. 

According to a spokesman for the State Patrol, they aren’t saying the suspect’s name because he apparently was simply a mule, just looking to make money, and if his name got back to the Mexican cartels, his life would be in danger. 

According to that spokesman, illegal drugs are commonly brought into the United States from Mexico in trap doors similar to this one that crafty drug dealers design. 

“It’s a continued cat and mouse game between law enforcement and cartels. They actually hire people to engineer trap compartments. Whether or not it’s on I-70 or on I-25, or it’s on secondary highways coming into our state, I would bet every hour of every day there is something.”

Want to know how deadly fentanyl is? The DEA says one kilogram can kill up to half a million people.

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