Cooler Than A Black Card? AmEx Debuting New Credit Card For Delta SkyMiles Made Out Of Airplane Metal. 

Imagine a world where someone does an eyeball when you pull out an AmEx Black Card.  It has the potential of happening now that American Express will start using metal from a retired airplane for its new credit card with Delta Air Lines. 

Platinum is so 2019.  Titanium is lame.  A credit card made out of a real jetliner’s fuselage could be the must-have charge card for your wallet. 

These cards will be made from actual parts of a Boeing 747. It’s called Plane No. 6307, and it spent over 116,000 hours in the air and flew almost 70 million miles in 27 years of flying. Pretty impressive.  Clearly, this plane was specifically chosen.  It was used once to evacuate Florida residents out of harm’s way when Hurricane Irma hit, and it was used for 14,100 individual flights for Delta. 

The plane had a top speed of 564 miles per hour and had been sitting in an airline graveyard since 2017 until someone got the brilliant idea to create a credit card out of the aluminum exterior.

Here’s what Jon Gantman, Sr. VP and GM of cobrand-product management at Amex, said about the collaboration. 

“This metal was made to fly and it’s actually softer than you think; it’s very different from banging around in your wallet.”

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