Goodbye To One Hit, Hello To Another! Conan O’Brien Smokes Pot With Seth Rogen During His Final Show on TBS.

Conan O’Brien just hosted his final talk show.  For the third time. 

The first time was after his run as host of NBC’s “The Late Show With Conan O’Brien” wound down after 15 years. 

He was elevated for a short stint as Jay Leno’s replacement on “The Tonight Show” in 2008, but after a few months Jay wanted his old job back, so NBC paid Conan a reported $30 million to take a hike. 

He landed at TBS in 2010.  Though not nearly as high profile as his previous gigs, the form writer for the Simpsons and Saturday Night Live kept it rolling until officially ending his 28 year talk show career Tuesday night, hosting his final episode on cable. 

So, since he’s done thousands of shows over an almost three decade career, what could he possibly do that’s different on his final one?

Smoke pot with Seth Rogen.  

The normally nerdy O’Brien asked for some life advice from Rogen, and well, he asked for it. 

Here’s the convo. 

Conan: ”You seem like a guy who’s relaxed, centered, like you know who you are. I’m going to have a lot of free time on my hands now for a while. We’re going to start something else up, but I’m going to have some downtime, and honestly—I’m not even kidding—I don’t really know what to do with downtime.”

Rogen: “Yes, I get that sense from you. I would suggest—this is going to be hilariously on-brand—try smoking a lot of weed for a long time.”

O’Brien follows that by telling Rogen he’s not a weed hater, and considers marijuana to be a “fine herb,” but he isn’t what you would call a pothead, telling his guest “I enjoy my lucidity.”

Rogen: “Never a sentence I’ve even thought in my life.”

Next, Rogen pulled a joint out of his pocket. 

Conan:  “I swear to God, this is how lame I am. For a second I thought, ‘He brought a birthday candle?’”

He then took a hit off the joint. 

Conan:  “This is the kind of thing you do when you know it’s over for you.” 

Rogen:  “I’m so happy with what just happened. I wasn’t expecting any of this.”

After a summer off, and maybe some more pot, Conan will be back with a weekly show for HBO Max sometime in the not so distant future. 

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