Here’s Something For The Hard To Buy For On Your Shopping List. A Titanium iPhone 13 And An Elon Musk Bust Made From A Melted Tesla. 

Here’s a couple of items you’re not going to find driving around the suburbs on Black Friday. 

The Russian luxury brand Caviar is famous for over-the-top items, and they released a couple of cool ones. 

They have melted down a $58,000 Tesla and then used the medal to create Elon Musk busts.  The works of art feature a double marble base with a double gold plated plaque on the front that will house the serial number of the figure since a limited number were made. 

The base option of the Elon bust will sell for $6,760. The bust is made from the metal parts that were remelted, including the hood and doors.  

Does it look like Elon? That’s up for the buyer to decide. 

Caviar is selling a high-end custom Apple iPhone13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max Electro for tech geeks that like to have the coolest gadgets.

These bad boys are made out of titanium, with black PVD coating.  It is contrasted by white shock-resistant composite materials and aluminum panels, according to 

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