Thanks, But No Thanks.  Kid Who Tracks Elon’s Jet Turns Down $5K From Elon But Said He’s Open To A New Car.

Jack Sweeney can not be bought.  Or, maybe it will just take a whole lot more than a median-priced EV subscription. 

Sweeney is a 19-year old college student who manages a Twitter account that tracks the flight path of Musk’s private jet. The kid is studying information technology, and he created 15 Twitter bots that track the private planes that Musk, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos circle the globe in.  

The account that tracks Musk’s plane is the most popular, with over 354,000 followers. 

The Tesla CEO certainly knew about it, and he offered Sweeney $5,000 to take it down out of fear of “crazy people” being able to know precisely where Musk is. “I don’t love the idea of being shot by a nutcase,” he told Sweeney in a DM. 

Sweeney’s program is very sophisticated, pulling data from several public sources. His father works in the airline industry, which is how Sweeney has been exposed to sophisticated airline technology for so long.

The handle he created is @ElonJet, and Sweeney rejected the offer of a $5K payment from Musk.

Another came Sweeney’s way. Scott Painter is the CEO of a car-hire company called Autonomy, and his offer was creative.  A Tesla Model 3, which Sweeney would have under a three-year contract.  

Sweeney scoffed at it. 

“I told you I’m not interested in a subscription besides; there are numerous facts that suggest this is in conjunction with Elon.”

Here’s what Sweeney told the Wall Street Journal. 

“I want my own car. I don’t want to have to give it back in three years. If I got an actual Tesla, then I would take it down.”

You have to admire the kid’s negotiating skills.  The next move seems like it would need to come from Musk.  Seems reasonable too. 

However, if Sweeney were smart, he’d hold out for an S Model. 

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