Close Call! Apple Is Closing All Their D.C. Retail Stores In Fear Of Inauguration Violence.

Here’s one of the more amazing facts about Apple.  It has managed to stay the highest-valued company in the world, despite having so many of their retail stores closed for long stretches of time.

The coronavirus pandemic initially meant stores around the world would close in early 2020, some for multiple months.  The 2020 summer riots in big cities all across America shuttered even more for long stretches, and now every Apple retail store in the Washington D.C. metro area is closed in anticipation of potential unrest and violence during Joe Biden’s inauguration this week.

There are five locations in the D.C. area that this affects, and they will stay closed until at least Thursday of this week, to ensure employees safety.

Apple has a location in Mount Vernon Square at the Carnegie Library, roughly two miles from the Capitol building, and as an added measure of precaution, the tech behemoth has built a fence around the entire building.

When the Capitol building was breached on January 6, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted his thoughts on the ugly scene. “Today marks a sad and shameful chapter in our nation’s history. Those responsible for this insurrection should be held to account, and we must complete the transition to President-elect Biden’s administration. It’s especially when they are challenged that our ideals matter most.”

In 2019, Apple reported that 31% of their total revenue came from their retail stores and on-line sales.

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