Christie On The Brink! 7 Days in Intensive Care Has Former Gov Respecting COVID

FILE - In this Nov. 29, 2017 file photo, New Jersey. Gov. Chris Christie speaks during a news conference in Newark, N.J. Christie tweeted on Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020, that he has tested positive for COVID-19. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez, File)

There’s no real trick to it, this COVID-19 thing is no treat and sometimes it can strain a friendship.

With the Halloween season upon us, one prominent political figure is refining his opinion–and landing further from that of his friend, President Donald Trump–on wearing a mask. Seems a battle with the global pandemic ain’t easy.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie issued a statement detailing his experience with COVID, which included seven days in the intensive care unit. The statement, coupled with his comments Friday on “Good Morning America,” seemed to strongly push back on Trump’s inconsistent messaging and behavior regarding masking and the coronavirus.

Here is a sampling of Christie’s perhaps thinly veiled shots at the president, who has said he was happy to contract the virus:

“The ramifications are wildly random and potentially deadly. No one should be happy to get the virus and no one should be cavalier about being infected or infecting others.”

“I was wrong to not wear a mask at the Amy Coney Barrett announcement, and I was wrong not to wear a mask at my multiple debate prep sessions with the President and the rest of the team.”

From his “GMA” appearance: “I heard the president say last night (at the televised Town Hall on NBC) that he has no problem with masks. I think he should be even more affirmative about it. We need to be telling people there is no down side to be wearing masks … we should be very affirmative. Put your masks on and be safe.”

And finally, Christie lobbed this pumpkin at the idea of mistrusting science: “I hope that my experience shows my fellow citizens that you should follow CDC guidelines in public no matter where you are and wear a mask to protect yourself and others.”

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