A Hire Calling! Chipotle Looking For 20,000 New Workers In Next Month Starting At $15 Per Hour.

Chipotle needs more people to build their enormous burritos, and their wiling to pay $15 per hour when they find them. 

The fast-casual restaurant giant said Monday it plans on hiring 20,000 new employees, and they are jacking up the starting wage to exactly what Amazon pays; $15 bucks per hour. 

The reason for the mad rush to hire that many new workers by the end of June is because restaurants are scrambling to reopen dine-in services now that the pandemic restrictions are finally fading. 

Taco Bell and McDonalds are doing all they can to find more workers too, including hosting hiring events and offering added benefits to employees.  

They have to do something, Uncle Sam is incentivizing the most unmotivated Americans to not work, handing out free money that is keeping hundreds of thousands of workers on the sideline, making more money in unemployment payments than actually working. 

The jobs report last week shoed that the leisure and hospitality industry actually added 331,000 workers in April, but it’s not even close to being what is needed to fully staff bars, restaurants and hotels. 

Chipotle is trying to recruit from within, and is offering $200 employee referral bonus for their current crew members.  It’s even more for general manages and apprentices. They will have an extra $750 slapped on to their next paycheck if they can help find new hires. 

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