Cheers! New Study Shows Drinking Beer Regularly Might Improve Gut Health. 

AP Photo/J. David Ake, FILE)

Couch potatoes worldwide are writing love letters and thank you notes to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.  Why? Because this publication published a study that says the gut microbiome and beer might share a connection that beer drinkers will be grateful for. 

In other words, researchers in Portugal concluded that drinking beer can improve the microbiome diversity of your gut. 

Here’s how they came to their conclusion. They studied 22 healthy men and discovered that drinking beer in moderation can help your gut health.  The men in the study drank 11 ounces of beer daily for a month.  Compared to the pre-beer samples, the post-beer blood taken from the guys in the study showed increased diversity of gut bacteria. 

It was already known in the science community that whole grains, fiber, and veggies are needed for good gut health, but these researchers in Europe are saying, “go ahead and wash that stuff down with a bottle of Bud.”

Here’s a quote in Inverse by Ana Maria, the author of the study. 

“We hope that people can see that moderate beer consumption as a part of a well-balanced diet can be used as a strategy to improve our microbiota. Particularly the responsible choice of non-alcoholic beer.” 

So raise a glass, beer lovers! Your new best friend, Miss Ana Maria, gives you the green light to throw back some suds because, according to their study, the beer’s chemical composition and not the alcohol content is what improves gut health. 

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