Charles Barkley Is Terrible At Playing Golf. But He Might Soon Be Paid Several Hundred Million Dollars To Talk About That Sport.

Charles Barkley watches his tee shot on the second hole during the first round of the American Century Celebrity Championship golf tournament at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in Stateline, Nev., Friday, July 8, 2022. (AP Photo/Tom R. Smedes)

The LIV Golf Invitational Series has done a good job lately, making boring golfers with limited personalities filthy rich.  As far as creating a watchable product and becoming relevant as a sports league, not so much. 

However, they will be having a conversation with someone who is terrible at playing golf and who could instantly turn their fortunes around. 

His name is Charles Barkley, the most entertaining sports commentator currently employed, and if LIV Tour backs up a brinks truck for Sir Charles, don’t be surprised if he takes it and gives the tour instant eyeballs. 

Barkley’s love for golf is well known, and he’s put his laughable golf swing on display for millions for many years.  He played in “The Match” back in 2020 with Tom Brady, and he lives on a golf course in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Barkley loves golf. 

This move would instantly move the needle for the upstart golf league, and Barkley will be all ears. 

“I’m gonna meet with LIV. To be always transparent and honest, they called me and asked me if I’d meet with them. I said yes. Nothing’s imminent. I actually don’t know everything they want from me or what they technically want me to do. But you have to always look at every opportunity that’s available. So, to answer your question, yes, I’m gonna 100 percent meet with LIV.”

That’s what Barkley told “The Next Round” golf show last week. 

Barkley is on record for jokingly saying that he would “kill a relative” if offered $200 million. If LIV really wants Barkley, with the resources they have at their disposal, Barkley won’t have to kill anybody, and he might get double that if he wanted it. Why? Because the LIV Tour does not have a network television contract, and attaining Barkley could change that. 

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