U.S. Capitol On Lockdown, Again. This Time A Man Killed A Police Officer When He Rammed His Car Into A Barricade.

For the second time in 2021, the Capitol is locked down. This time the explanation was an “exterior security threat” according to government officials. 

Two Capitol police officers were struck, when a man rammed his car into a barricade that hit them.  One of the police officers has since died from his injuries.  

The suspect then exited his car, carrying a knife, and was then shot by USCP, he has also died. 

Because this happened in broad daylight, in an area full of reporters there have been may eyewitness accounts of what happened. 

Fox News reported that their security experts believe the attack was from a “lone wolf,” and was not part of a coordinated plot. 

The area where the scene went down is precisely where U.S. Senators and their aides enter the  Capitol every single day. 

The Capitol has been fortified for the past few months with extra security after the breach on January 6, when a mob was able to enter the Capitol building.   The past few weeks there had been a lightening of the intense security presence that had been there for two months. 

Barbed wire fencing that surrounded the Capitol complex has been taken down. While National Guard troops that were there following the Jan. 6 breach had since left, there are still thousands remaining in D.C., because of ongoing security issues. 

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