Candace Owens and Cardi B Cosplay Children on the Twitter Playground

In this photo from Pink News, (l) Cardi B performs at the 2021 Grammys, prompting harsh criticism from Candace Owens (r)

In this photo from Pink News, (l) Cardi B performs at the 2021 Grammys, prompting harsh criticism from Candace Owens (r)

It seems most anyone can freely dish insults and disrespect on Twitter–until they’re met with the same–or exceedingly– unmannerly response. Then suddenly, they’re triggered. Their feelings wrecked. They’re recruiting their followers who then attack or dox you.

Or, in this case, they’re running to their attorney.

Conservative commentator Candace Owens and rapper Cardi B got into yet another round of Twitter back-and-forth yesterday that quickly escalated– and climaxed with Candace announcing that she will be suing Cardi for defamation.

Owens and Cardi’s Twitter exchanges go back months and make for a mindless mole tunnel more convoluted than the MTA subway map, but the tweet that intensified the comedic argument last night was Owens’s that told Cardi she was “at [her] worst on the Grammy stage” as she graphically described her girl-on-girl performance. Cardi’s derogatory response to that was what appeared to be a falsified tweet–apparently Photoshopped–about Owens’s husband and brother-in-law. Owens subsequently pumped the breaks on the Twitter feud and threatened legal action.

The problem is not that Owens was actually serious. The problem is that this is typical Twitter. Daily, grown adults bicker like children on the playground and their Twitter friends obnoxiously instigate like a cheering clique in 3rd grade gym class.

“Do better,” Owens told Cardi last night. Then hours later, thanked Cardi for helping to promote this Friday’s premier of her new talk show.

Quite the 180 from her mention of lawyers just hours prior.

There will never be a safer place to role play hard-core menace while safely tucked away behind a cell phone screen.

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