Call Of The Night: Super Bowl Radio Announcer Kevin Harlan Describes The Moment A Man In A Pink Thong Stormed The Field.

Super Bowl LV was billed by some as the most-anticipated matchup in the history of the big game.  It wasn’t, in fact the contest will go down as one of the most anti-climactic and disappointing ever. Outside the first few minutes of the first quarter, there was never a moment where you really felt the outcome was in doubt, and Tampa Bay rolled to an easy 31-9 win over Kansas City in an absolute dud of a game.

The Pepsi Halftime Show will not be remembered as one of the greatest either. The Weeknd was okay, but there seemed to be audio problems, and the whole performance lacked the frantic energy, dazzling vocals and dizzying production value of previous shows. 

Fans consumed roughly 1.5 billion chicken wings watching the commercials during the CBS telecast.
For anyone listening to the game on the radio however, Westwood One announcer Kevin Harlan had the call of the night, as he described the action when a streaker in what appeared to be a pink, thong, singlet, jumped the railing and ran onto the field, delaying the game for a few minutes.

“Some guy has run onto the field. Some guy with a bra,” Harlan said, in his patented excited nature. “Now, he’s not being chased. He’s running down the middle to the 40. Arms in the air and a victory salute. He’s pulling down his pants! Pull up your pants my man! Pull up those pants.”

Eventually the doughy game obstructor was apprehended by security guards, and the visual that Harlan painted from his radio booth will linger for a long time for listeners who heard it.

 “Pull up the pants, take off the bra and be a man!”

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