Buy, Buy! Vegas Man Arrested For Using $2 Million In Fraudulent PPP Bank Loans To Purchase Bentley, Tesla, And Luxury Condos In Wild Spending Spree.

Just like the rioters who stormed past multiple security barricades to break into the U.S. Capitol Building and use it’s inner offices as personal backdrops for selfies, there are criminals who fraudulently abused the Paycheck Protection Program, left all kinds of easy-to-track proof for the authorities to catch them, and simply must have never thought they would be caught.

They all eventually are it seems, including Jorge Abramovs of Las Vegas, who has been charged with bank fraud after allegedly applying for Paycheck Protection Program funds last Spring and using almost $2 million for reasons that have nothing to do with payroll.

Give Abramaovs credit for one thing; he must have had fun while it lasted. He used a number of fake company names, including National Investment Group Corporation, (he claimed on paperwork he had 18 employees with this one with monthly payroll costs of $65K) National Legal Advisors In Care Of, and National Investment Group.

All said, Abrramaovs allegedly received $1,986,737.46 in fraudulent loans. So what did he spend all this money on? Well, let’s start with the 2020 Bentley Continental GT Convertible that cost $260,982. In case he wanted to save money on paying for gasoline, he also bought a 2020 Tesla, and two luxury condos in Las Vegas.

Currently he is in jail, and will remain there until a detention hearing on Friday. No word if he set aside some of the fraudulent funds to finances bail money.

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