Bird Is The Word For The King. BK Joining The Rest Of The Restaurant World And Offering A Chicken Sandwich.

Hoping for some “cha-ching!” in its bottom line, Burger King is primed to jump into the chicken sandwich competition with the Ch’King sandwich.

Beginning next month, its new chicken sandwich creation will be available to curious customers across the country.

Since imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, the decision is understandable.

Popeyes introduced its well-received chicken addition in August 2019 and has reported double-digit increases in overall sales.

Then came McDonald’s and KFC, and Jack in the Box wasn’t chicken, either, boosting its menu as well.

The Restaurant Brands International chain is promoting the launch with the caveat that it’s going to be breading its chicken by hand – sacrificing some additional time, training and equipment costs for a different taste.

In a CNBC story, Ellie Doty, chief marketing officer of Burger King North America, said the recipe and the process took two years.

“We really took our time to get it right, to get the reps in at the restaurant and make sure that every restaurant had their hand-breading station set up properly,” Doty told CNBC.

The Ch’King timing isn’t great, though, coming amid a national shortage of chicken. Prices are up and, according to the Wall Street Journal, KFC restaurants are limiting sales of its chicken sandwich in response to the shortage. 

Doty said Burger King isn’t going into the launch blindly.

“In taking the time to get this right, we also took the time to make sure that we have a very robust supply chain that is set up for the main scenario that we’re predicting as well as others that could happen,” she said.

June 3 is a big day for Burger King, with a free Whopper accompanying any Ch’King order via app or online as part of a promotion that will run through June 20.

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