Tom Brady Will Soon Need More Fingers. His Seventh Super Bowl Ring Might Be The Sickest Yet.

Tom Brady is funnier, happier, and cooler as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. 

And he’s still just as dominant as a QB too, case in point, Super Bowl title No. 7 with the Bucs five months ago. 

To the victors go the spoils, specifically the Super Bowl ring that seem to get brighter, heavier and more elaborate every year.

Thank Jason of Beverly Hills for that. He’s the jeweler who is commissioned for every team that wins a title it seems, as he’s done the past 10 or so NBA champs rings and the Bucs SB sparkler too.

Brady showed his off after receiving it Thursday night in Florida. 

The players, coaches and front office staff were all able to contribute their opinions on what should go into the ring, and it looks like most of them wanted a whole lot of diamonds. 

The ring features 15 carats of white diamond, along with 14 karat yellow and white gold. 

Stat geeks should love this number; there are a total of 319 diamonds int he ring. Why? Because the score of the game that the Bucs clobbered the Chiefs was 31-9. 

How clever!

The best part of the ring is a twist-off face that opens up to showcase a hand-engraved replica of the Bucs home stadium, Raymond James Stadium. That’s where Super Bowl LV was clinched in the dream season. 

Here’s what Jason Arasheben (Jason of Bev Hills) told Robb Report both his latest masterpiece. 

“We’ve done NBA rings, Soccer rings, MLB rings, and even World Series of Poker bracelets, but this was our first Super Bowl ring, We didn’t just want to go big with carat weight to make a statement, like most companies would do. We needed to redefine what made a Super Bowl ring. I’m so proud of my team for pushing the limits of design and incorporating more season storylines into this design than I think we have ever done. The Buccaneers wanted to defy tradition, and we did that together.”

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