Bot Gonna Do It. Chick-Fil-A Is Testing Deliveries Done By “Adorable” Little Robots.

You might be getting your Chick-fil-A nuggets and waffle fries delivered by a robot in the very near future. 

The Atlanta-based chicken chain is currently testing legitimate robot delivered in three locations in Santa Monica, California. It’s the Kiwibot 4.0 that will be making the deliveries of a mile or closer. 

So, in case you are in So Cal and you wonder what that four-wheeled, squatty little mobile cooler is doing, now you know.  

Kiwibots might be partial, but they describe their robots as “adorable” on their website. Apparently they have screens with faces that have the capability to wink. 

Whoa, a flirtatious robot in 2021 might be looking to get itself cancelled!

On top of being cute, the semi-autonomous rover is extremely efficient. Kiwibots COO told Restaurant Business Online his little delivery bots will deliver orders in half the time it would take a delivery service, at more than half the cost. So far, the average time for the robot to deliver the food is 30 minutes, and it costs under two bucks. 

The plan is to send the robots nationwide, as they are adept at detecting potential hazards in the streets including traffic lights, vehicles and humans. 

Consumers might end up loving these robots.  For one thing, you don’t have to tip them, and it’s unlikely they’ll get distracted or eat the food you ordered. 

Segway and Shopify are also working with Kiwibots, with over 150,000 deliveries completed so far. 

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