Borat Shows He Has A Heart. Donates $100K To “BabySitter” Who Felt “Betrayed” By Movie Gag.

“Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” star Sacha Baron Cohen has an Oklahoma City community saying “It’s a Very Nice” after the actor’s $100,000 donation.

“Borat 2” has been garnering a lot of attention over the last couple of weeks following its release on Amazon Prime. One of the breakout stars of the movie is Jeanise Jones, who absolutely stole the hearts of audience members when she appeared as a “babysitter” for the character of Tutar, played by 24-year-old Bulgarian actress Maria Bakalova.

However, Jones apparently had a fast one pulled on her. She thought the story was all true and that she was appearing in a documentary. According to reports, the film’s producers visited the Oklahoma City area for casting. They met Jones’ pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Derrick Scobey, who put the crew in touch with Jones.

Jones now says she feels “betrayed” by the “Borat 2” filmmaking team because she spent weeks worried for the fate of Tutar, who she assumed was a real girl being groomed as a child bride.

“I’m feeling [Tutar is] from the Third World and that kind of stuff does happen where they sell women,” Jones told The New York Post. “I’m thinking this is for real so I felt kind of betrayed by it …We were concerned. We were up there praying for her and asking God to help her and we were doing what we thought was the Christian thing to do.”

Cohen donated $100,000 to Jones’ Oklahoma City community on her behalf. Jones requested that the money be distributed by the Ebenezer Baptist Church and be earmarked for shelter, food and any other needs the community may have.

Pastor Scobey, who had previously set up a GoFundMe account for Jones, stressed that none of the money will be going to the church itself and that it will strictly be used to help the community.

Pastor Scobey had set up a GoFundMe prior to the donation from Cohen and had asked community members to donate to Jones, who is currently unemployed.

On the GoFundMe page, the pastor wrote, “I am Jeanise Jones’s Pastor Derrick Scobey. Jeanise Jones is a Mother(3), Grandmother (6), faithful church member and just an overall great person who will help anyone. She recently emerged as the “STAR” in the new Borat movie. She was recruited from our church the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Oklahoma City after Producers spoke to me about needing a “Black Grandmother” for a small role in a “documentary.” Jeanise emerged as that person and she was completely unaware that this was a comedy, and all of this was made up. We have been praying for the young lady in the movie because we all genuinely thought she was in trouble. The joke is on us/Jeanise and that’s no problem.”

The GoFundMe account is now over $131,000 and counting. If you want to see Jones in her acting debut, “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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