Card Sharks. The FBI Says Counterfeit COVID Vaccine Cards Are Getting Big On The Black Market.

There’s a not new restaurant trend in big American cities this summer. 

The denial of entry to anyone who can’t prove they have had the COVID vaccine. 

It’s not the restaurant’s plan in most cases, but as states, cities and counties around the country start adding to the list of things they are telling citizens they can’t do, a burgeoning new business is growing. 

The selling of fake vaccination cards. The FBI has it on their radar screen as a black market grows for counterfeit cards. 

Take New York City for instance, where their new rule that bans un vaccinated people from eating inside restaurants starts August 16.  There are already about 30 local joints that have begun the requirement early, and they are being called “heroic” by the mayor, Bill De Blasio. 

“Early adopters of the Key to NYC program are public health heroes. Mass vaccination is the only way to stop the spread – and these businesses are giving New Yorkers more reasons than ever to protect themselves and their communities. I’m proud to stand with them.”

Restaurant owners have their hands tied.  The last thing they can afford is a total shut down again, so they are willing to do whatever they have to in order to keep their doors open. 

Andrew Rigie is the executive director of NYC Hospitality Alliance which represents 4,000 plus restaurants. Here’s what he told Fox. 

“Restaurant workers have been put in the impossible position throughout the pandemic to essentially be the COVID police.

“I speak with restaurant owners throughout the city, and there’s a lot of people with a lot of different and passionate views about this, but the one thing we know is we can’t get shut down again. And if that’s a potential threat, we need to do everything now to avoid it.”

The fake vaccination cards are getting more popular.  The counterfeits the FBI showed off have the same CDC wording and logos, and look almost identical to the real ones. 

Now because these cards are fairly easy to copy, there’s a push to digitize the cards. 

Outside of restaurants, many large corporations and colleges are requiring COVID shots.  The AP reported more than 600 colleges and universities are making it mandatory. 

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