Now Isn’t That Rich!  The Most Interesting Info From the Forbes Billionaire List That Gives Hope To Those Wanting To Join This Fortune Fraternity.

Here’s something that every single billionaire on the planet will agree with.  The Forbes Billionaire list is a must-read for them, to see where their stacks of billions matches up with their fellow uber rich comrades.  The list came out Tuesday, and you can be certain of two things: 
  1. All 2,755 on this year’s list have already checked to see where they stand.
  2. Every member of this fortune fraternity has called either their accountant or their publicist, ticked off at their ranking. 
We dug deep into the list to find the most interesting morsels of information and found out that becoming a billionaire is one of the toughest things in the world to do,,, but it’s easier now than ever if you have what it takes…

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