Modern Urban Planning On Steroids! Billionaire Dreams Of Building A $400 Billion Self-Sustaining City In The U.S. Desert.

Some people dream of building a deck on their home, or maybe a small little shed to store the lawnmower and power tools in the backyard. 

One person dreams of building a new American city in the desert. One that would be the home to five million people, and bring a price tag of roughly $400 billion.

That person is billionaire Marc Lore. He’s the e-commerce mogul who teamed with baseball legend Alex Rodriguez to recently purchase the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Well, maybe after owning the worst NBA franchise for a month or so has motivated him to set his sights a little higher, and he certainly has. 

Lore has outlined his vision for this new city and has even commissioned a world-famous architect to design it according to a report by CNN. 

The next steps are some of the tougher ones.  Finding a place to build the city, and finding the nearly half trillion dollars it will take. 

Let’s dream along with Lore for a little, shall we?  He’s going to call this self-sustainable metropolis that will be less damaging to the environment that he wants to build from scratch somewhere in the desert “Telosa.”

If Telosa happens, it will be what’s called a “15-minute city design,” which means people who live there will be able to get to their job, schools, and all shopping, entertainment and amenity districts within 15 minutes.  

On the short list for possible locations for Telosa are Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Texas, Arizona and the Appalachian region. 

Lore is extremely accomplished, which makes this whole prospect not preposterous. He is the former President & CEO of Walmart’s e-commerce division.  He and A-Rod just purchased the Timberwolves for $1.5 billion, and has a personal net worth around $4 billion. 

Can he build this city? Well, if he does, it will be a heck of a lot easier to get to than Mars, where fellow billionaire and big thinker Elon Musk wants to develop a community. 

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