Problems Of The Mega Rich. Lack Of Prenup Means Billions At Stake In Epic NYC Divorce Of Investor Who Made Fortune Shorting The Housing Market. 

John Paulson listens while President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting of the Economic Club of New York in New York, Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

What do you do when you’ve earned upwards of $20 billion shorting the housing market before the 2008 crash, and your marriage falls apart? Oh, one more thing; you do not have a prenuptial agreement. 

In the case of billionaire investor John Paulson, you get yourself mentally prepared to write a very, very big check and probably get ready to say goodbye to a couple houses. 

Paulson and his wife Jenny are getting a divorce after 21 years of marriage. She was his assistant when he was making billions and over the past two decades they have amassed not only a fortune, but a very impressive real estate portfolio that will somehow have to be divided. 

With no prenup, and the fact Paulson made most of his fortune during their marriage, they might be looking at a 50/50 split.  

A story in the New York Post laid out the details of the properties they own. The primary home is a 28,500 square-foot townhouse on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. They paid $14.7 for it 17 years ago and it’s worth a whole lot more now, 

Their house in the Hamptons was $41 million when they bought it 13 years ago,  and they have a house in Aspen that cost $24.5 million back in 2010. 

Both have hired powerful divorce attorneys, so the one thing that’s guaranteed is a bunch of lawyers are going to have one heck of a big payday when this thing is final. 

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