Mamba Tribute! L.A. Billionaire Buys $44 Million Mansion With Basketball Court Devoted To Kobe.

Life for billionaire hedge fund executives is not as wonderful as it may appear. There are huge decisions that have to be made, such as this one.

Do you buy a palatial, secluded, beachfront palace in Malibu or spring $44 million for an L.A. mansion with epic views from sea to city and the one-of-a-kind custom basketball court that is a tribute to Kobe Bryant?

Jeffrey Feinberg went with option #2, and scooped up one of sickest homes listed in all of Southern California. 

Hopefully Feinberg has a lot of friends. Scratch that, he’s a billionaire, he’s got friends coming out of the woodwork, which is good because there’s plenty or room to host parties, sleep overs or a full-on convention if he wants to. 

The house sits on 1.2 acres of land, and has almost 55,000 square feet of living space. Yes, the comma is in the right place there. Inside are 7 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and a golf simulator if he wants to work on his driving.

Big houses are a dime a dozen in L.A., what makes this place incredibly unique is the custom Kobe court.  The famous Mamba logo fills out the entire free throw lane, and the black surface has Kobe’s signature in huge letters above the three point circle, and Kobe’s number 8 emblazoned on the court as well. 

To simulate fans, there’s pictures of LeBron James and Michael Jordan flanking the court. 

Oh, and in case you couldn’t tell from the story,,, Feinberg is a big NBA fan. 

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